Andrea at Independent Family Doctors

Andrea Berry, MA-C

Andrea Berry, MA-C is a certified medical assistant who can also be found drawing blood or helping with wound care. She has been a medical assistant since 2016, and joined sparkMD in 2017. She brings a compassionate practicality and mind for wellness to the Independent Family Doctors team.

When Andrea is not working she can be found buried in the latest DIY project or camping, reading, hiking or taking care of any type of animal. She recently rescued a dog, “Leo” and has had guinea pigs, and rabbits and would be uniquely suited to run her own petting zoo.

In 2023, Andrea began providing aesthetics services in conjunction with Dr. Gunther for patients at Independent Family Doctors struggling with acne, scarring, melanoma rosacea and other skin conditions.

Andrea has a big heart for caring for all living things She is a mom of two amazing, creative kids, an early riser and Independent Family Doctors lone vegetarian.