Tanya Kowitz at Independent Family Doctors

Tanya Kowitz, OM

Tanya Kowitz, is a certified medical assistant, MA-C, who has been working in healthcare for almost 30 years. Now serving as the Boise Office Manager, she is an Idaho native and has been a medical assistant to rural and ‘big city’ primary care physicians. Tanya is exceptionally bright, organized, well versed in all things healthcare and has keen insight into patients’ clinical condition. With her experience, know-how, and instinct she continues to run the front line of Independent Family Doctors.

Tanya and Dr. Julie worked together since 2009. When Dr. Gunther founded sparkMD in 2013 there was no question as to who she wanted for her right-hand partner. Tanya has been a support in the transition of the clinical aspects of the Boise office and we are grateful to keep her on the team.

In her time with sparkMD, Tanya has served as Head of Clinical Operations, managed scheduling, helped navigate patient resources, and monitored the in-house pharmacy,  She states, “I love working in the medical field because I like to help take care of people, to help them feel better and improve their quality of life.” When Tanya’s not working, she can be found at sporting events with her BSU family, or on the golf course!