Our Story:

If you miss the good old days where your doctor knew you and your whole family, you’ll be thrilled to join Independent Family Doctors. We view the patient-physician relationship as a team with a single focus to help you reach your healthcare goals.

We have noble ambitions at Independent Family Doctors, all of which revolve around giving you the most individualized care imaginable. We’re diligently working to change the face of family medicine to one that is uniquely focused on the patient.

Independent Family Doctors was opened in 2017 by Dr. Josh. Starting with just a handful of patients, he grew his patient panel over the years and is now looking to educate more of the community about the benefit of direct care.

Independent Family Doctors hopes to educate the community about health care choice. Our current patients would agree that the freedom of a membership based health plan empowers them to finally take care of their own needs, without waiting for approvals.

Meet the Team

Dr. Josh and Jane are phenomenal! We never feel rushed and we always know that they will listen to our concerns in full. We never worry about when we can get into the office as he often either sees us by the next business day or the issue is handled immediately over the phone. Our favorite aspect is the follow-through. If someone in the family has an issue, Dr. Josh periodically checks on us to see how we are progressing. We thank them for the excellent service and peace of mind!

Jon & Carla Long

Dr Josh is hands down the best Dr. I have ever seen in my life. You can call,text or make an appointment. He responds to your direct calls or text immediately. Or Jane will get in touch with you quickly. They both truly care about you. I have full blown medical insurance but I will always have Dr Josh in my corner.

Richard Langford


Boise, Idaho

2402 W Jefferson St.
Boise, ID 83702

Caldwell, Idaho

104 E. Pine Street
Caldwell, ID 83605


Monday – Thursday

7:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Serving the

Treasure Valley

Dr. Julie

Julie K Gunther, MD

After almost a decade of building one of the first 200 DPC clinics from the ground up and rising to a national leader in direct primary care, healthcare transformation, and healthcare micro-entrepreneurship, Dr. Julie sold sparkMD to Dr. Josh Leavitt in October of 2023, now known as Independent Family Doctors.

Dr. Julie now offers aesthetic services in the same building as our Boise location.


Dr. Devon Penner

Dr. Devon Penner is a licensed
Acupuncturist and Chiropractor.
He brings over a decade of experience in transparent and impactful patient care. Dr. Devon specializes in the treatment of migraines, headaches, and sports injuries. He is committed to clarity and integrity with  a patient- centered approach. 

You can find Dr. Devon in the same building as our Caldwell location.